Knee (Patellofemoral) Pain

The most common type of knee pain is patellofemoral pain.

In a correctly functioning knee, the knee cap (patella) runs up and down a groove (intercondylar groove). This is controlled by the muscles around the knee. If these muscles aren’t functioning correctly, the knee cap can run crookedly and rub on the side of the groove giving pain.

People of all ages and activity levels get this problem and one of the reasons it is so common is that any other pain around the knee tends to lead to patellofemoral dysfunction as the pain changes the way the leg moves due to it compensating which in turns gives rise to patellofemoral pain.

This pain is often felt when putting the knee under increased load. Common activities where people notice patellofemoral pain include walking up and down stairs, walking up and down hills, squatting, running and getting up from a chair. As the problem worsens it can hurt more and more with more and more activities such as walking or even prolonged sitting.

At Beaumaris Physiotherapy we will fully assess the lower limb to tailor a treatment program to you to fully correct the biomechanics of the leg and knee. This means that not only will the pain disappear, it will be unlikely to return in future as the leg is moving properly.

Treatment often includes loosening the tight areas of the lower limb and strengthening any areas of weakness and retraining the movement pattern to function as it is suppose to.

With a one on one consultation at Beaumaris Physiotherapy and hands on treatment by our experienced physiotherapists we would expect a full recovery of patients presenting with patellofemoral pain.

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