Pelvis Treatment

The pelvis is the foundation of the spine. In the same way as your house needs a solid foundation to avoid problems, if the pelvis isn’t providing the correct support, the spine will also start to have problems.

Persistent lower back pain, lower back pain that won’t settle with treatment or pain in the buttocks or coccyx, is often related to the pelvis and the movement of it relative to the spine and the movement of the joints in the pelvis known as the sacroiliac joints.

There are many causes of issues with the pelvis. Some of the more common ones include pregnancy and child birth, a car accident where the foot was jammed down onto the brakes, poor posture, repetitive movements, falling onto your bottom.

If you have any lower back pain that won’t settle, or keeps reoccuring, make an appointment and find out if your pain can be fixed by addressing issues around the pelvis.