Subacromial Bursistis or Impingement


SUBACROMIAL BURSISTIS OR IMPINGEMENT Sub-aromial impingment is the most common cause of shoulder pain and physiotherapy treatment can greatly assist recovery and is often essential to prevent recurrence. Contact us at Beaumaris Physiotherapy for further information, an assessment or [...]

Subacromial Bursistis or Impingement2021-05-04T07:09:40+08:00

Injuries in Children


INJURIES IN CHILDREN Children have developing and growing bodies and abnormal forces applied to their tissues often result in different injuries than those seen when similar forces are applied to the adult body. Below are some examples of [...]

Injuries in Children2021-02-01T12:29:56+08:00

Lumbar Disc Injury


LUMBAR DISC INJURY Research suggests that up to 80% of acute low back pain is a result of injury to the lumbar discs and physiotherapy treatment has been shown to be effective in the management of lumbar disc injuries. [...]

Lumbar Disc Injury2020-11-01T08:05:30+08:00
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