About Us & Our Team

We provide a thorough assessment during which we take the time to understand not just your injury, but your broader health goals.
We provide you with a diagnosis and prognosis from day one and work with you to develop a treatment plan to meet your goals.
Our team will use a combination of manual (hands on) techniques, dry needling, mobility and strengthening exercises to get you on track in the fastest possible time.

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blake sutcliffe

Blake Sutcliffe

Blake completed his B.Sc (Physio) at Curtin University in 2003 and has since been working in as a physio in private practice all around Perth, in regional WA and the UK ever since.

Blake began consulting at Beaumaris Physiotherapy in 2007 and has been the managing partner since. Clinically Blake enjoys treating all musculoskeletal conditions and has a special interest in treating headaches, neck pain, knee pain and lower back injuries. His passion for physiotherapy stems from working with his clients to achieve the complete rehabilitation of an injury, not just short term pain relief.

Blake and his wife recently welcomed their second new addition to the family which keeps him busy! If he gets any spare time, he can usually be found in water somewhere enjoying surfing, diving or playing underwater hockey which he has played at national and international levels.

claire harvey

Claire Harvey

Claire completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Curtin University.

She has a particular interest in musculoskeletal injuries, especially those related to sport and exercise.

With a passion for dancing, she is particularly interested in movement patterns and combining her knowledge of physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation and Pilates to create programs to get patients pain free, moving correctly and back to their full potential.

Claire’s personal interest includes dancing and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle outside of work.

sheila yu

Shelia Yu

Shelia completed her Masters (in physiotherapy) at Curtin University in 2005 after completing a Degree in Human Movement and Exercise Science at UWA in 2001. After graduation, with her experience in exercise and physiotherapy, she worked in private practice as a physio but was also employed as a tutor at UWA for the aerobics unit and as a lecturer and unit coordinator for the post graduate program in Exercise Physiology. She has completed 3 Pilates courses, her first in 2001 and her last in 2017 and has used Pilates in her treatment for rehabilitation for the last 15 years. Clinically Shelia enjoys treating all musculoskeletal conditions especially lower back pain and movement type injuries in knees or shoulders.

Shelia is passionate about Health & Fitness and the physiological and psychological benefits of regular exercise and movement. She is interested in people and believes in being hands on when it comes to physiotherapy treatment. She loves the challenge of helping people get better but understands that sometimes rehabilitation can be slow and so strives to educate, inspire and motivate patients recovering from injury.

She is also qualified in Level 1 Lymphoedema, Functional Training, Kinesiology Taping, run coaching and has been a Group Fitness Instructor (trained in 6 Les Mills Program) for the last 18 years.

Shelia regularly exercises and works out at a gym and can therefore relate to common fitness-training injuries and have a sympathetic understanding of their effect.

Outside of work, Shelia loves running, hanging out with her kids, gardening and baking.

Mikaila Watson

Mikaila Watson

Mikaila completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Notre Dame.

She is interested in treating all musculoskeletal conditions, especially those relating to lower back, neck and sports injuries. Mikaila is passionate about working with her clients in setting goals to achieve complete rehabilitation from injury.

Outside of work Mikaila enjoys keeping fit and active and plays competitive field hockey, which she has competed in at a national tournaments.

Brayden Piccirilli

Brayden Piccirilli

Brayden has a keen interest in all musculoskeletal injuries, especially those relating to neck, back and sporting injuries due to his lifelong exposure to sport and the injuries that present throughout.

As part of his treatment progression, he has a strong interest in exercise rehabilitation to help others achieve their goals and optimal health.

Outside of work Brayden enjoys keeping active through multiple sports and going to the beach. He has a keen interest in all sports and plays football for Hamersley Carine.