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Sacroiliac Joint Pain


SACROILIAC JOINT PAIN Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction is often associated with pregnancy or post-partum mums, but can also be related to overuse injuries (repeated bending activities) or sporting incidents. The SIJ does not have a very large range of movement, but [...]

Sacroiliac Joint Pain2019-04-26T08:49:49+08:00

Non-Specific Lower Back Pain


NON-SPECIFIC LOWER BACK PAIN Physiotherapy can be successful in the treatment of non-specific low back pain. Evidence of this can be found in the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Low Back Pain Position Statement. Beaumaris Physiotherapy is up to date with current research [...]

Non-Specific Lower Back Pain2019-03-28T06:55:02+08:00

Cervicogenic Headaches


CERVICOGENIC HEADACHES Physiotherapy has been shown to be highly effective in the management of Cervicogenic headaches. The University of Queensland completed the first multi-centre randomised controlled blind study of cervicogenic headache published in 2002. Physiotherapy treatment (joint mobilisations, specific muscle [...]

Cervicogenic Headaches2019-03-06T14:20:08+08:00

Hip pain


HIP PAIN PAIN PRESENTATION Pain from the hip joint is commonly experienced in the groin region, but can also refer to the lateral hip region, the medial knee, under the crease of the buttock and the lateral leg. The pain [...]

Hip pain2019-02-13T12:09:59+08:00

Tennis Elbow


WHAT IS TENNIS ELBOW? Tennis elbow can certainly be caused by racquet sports, but it is common in any sport or occupation that involves gripping or throwing like weightlifting or canoeing, or carpentry and brick laying. You will feel pain [...]

Tennis Elbow2019-01-22T09:18:45+08:00



Whiplash: The rapid motion of the neck during a crash can result in a number of injuries. Many of these injuries are impossible to see on x-rays or MRI. Even though there may be minimal damage to your car or [...]