Rib Treatment

An often overlooked cause of pain and injury are the ribs and more specifically, where the ribs join the spine known as costovertebral joints

When we try to breath, the ribs move which help the lungs expand and contract which leads to air being inhaled and exhaled. When try to move our torso in any way, the costovertebral joints have to move to allow this movements.

When we try to move our shoulders or neck, the muscles that attach to the ribs have to be able move to allow these movements to occur.

If these costovertebral joints become stiff or the muscles that attach the ribs tighten up and restrict the natural movement of any of these structures, it can create pain which can be from mild and annoying to severe and sharp. The pain often refers to the chest and can often be distressing as it can affect breathing and both restrict the depth of breath able to be taken and make it painful.

To be able to all do the these movements pain free and with full range, its imperative that the costovertebral joints, ribs and muscles that attach to them are mobile and moving as they should.

If you have any of these conditions or pains or an injury that isn’t settling, it would be a good idea to make an appointment and find out if your pain is coming from these structures.