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Thoracic Inlet Syndrome


THORACIC INLET SYNDROME The thoracic inlet allows unobstructed passage of the neurovascular bundle (nerves, arteries and veins) from the root of the neck to the axilla (from the neck to the arm pit).  Restriction can cause numbness or [...]

Thoracic Inlet Syndrome2019-11-19T07:15:31+08:00

Colles’ Fracture of the Wrist


COLLES' FRACTURE Colles’ fracture is a fracture of the distal radius and ulna (the bones of the forarm), which occurs after a fall onto an outstretched hand. It is most common in the older population but can also [...]

Colles’ Fracture of the Wrist2019-10-17T07:34:20+08:00

Acute Wry Neck


ACUTE WRY NECK Have you ever woken up and your neck is “stuck” and you cannot move it in certain directions without sharp pain? Then you have experienced an acute wry neck! Contact us at Beaumaris Physiotherapy for further [...]

Acute Wry Neck2019-09-08T12:27:08+08:00

Non-Specific Neck Pain


NON-SPECIFIC NECK PAIN Physiotherapy treatment including joint mobilisations and manipulations, specific muscle re-education exercises and soft tissue mobilising techniques have all been found to be useful in the treatment of neck pain from acute through to chronic stages of [...]

Non-Specific Neck Pain2019-07-31T15:54:27+08:00

Osteoarthritis of the Hip


OSTEOARTHRITIS OF THE HIP Physiotherapy treatment can greatly improve hip range of movement, decrease pain and improve muscle strength around a hip joint affected by capsular restrictions and limited range of movement. Physiotherapy treatment can also significantly improve function and [...]

Osteoarthritis of the Hip2019-06-24T12:26:20+08:00

Osteoarthritis of the Knee


OSTEOARTHRITIS OF THE KNEE Physiotherapy treatment can be highly effective in the treatment of OA of the knee, with supervised exercise programs being one of the most useful physiotherapy modalities. Contact us at Beaumaris Physiotherapy for an assessment or treatment. [...]

Osteoarthritis of the Knee2019-05-27T13:18:57+08:00
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