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This is most likely originating from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction.


Common symptoms indicating TMJ dysfunction can include headaches, jaw and/or face pain, jaw clicking during chewing, ear symptoms, tenderness of jaw muscles and poor sleep patterns.

tmj physioCAUSE

The underlying cause of these symptoms are due to an unstable joint or a stiff (TMJ).

Acute causes: post dental work such as wisdom teeth removal, following excessive opening injury such as biting an apple, following local impact injury or fracture.

Chronic causes: postural influences such as a forward neck posture, whiplash, and bruxism (grinding of teeth). Chronic TMJ dysfunction is almost always associated with an upper cervical joint dysfunction with associated muscle and neural mobility changes.


Generally speaking, if the TMJ has excessive movement it needs to be stabilized and if it is stiff, it needs to be mobilized. Upper cervical facet joints and posture are also considered in treatment.

Unfortunately people with chronic TMJ dysfunction of a non-traumatic nature are less likely to progress quickly. It is important that you commit to the rehabilitation for a long term period.

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